As you may have noticed Yoast recently released a huge update.

However not everybody was happy because it added a lot of seemingly unnecessary bloat (the plugin’s rating dropped like a stone). From a business owner perspective the update is surely justified, as it seems include another income stream for Yoast: the partnership with
From my point of view the update was a complete killer. It added things I don’t need and the cosmetic changes are worth nothing to me. Even though I love beautiful designs. But the new UI isn’t that good looking and the usability is just really poor compared to previous versions.

To cut it short:

  • There was a fork started on github (called ymbeseo) however because of lack of contributors it’s already gone.
  • I didn’t update the plugin on my own sites but went on to search for alternatives. (you can just set the plugin’s version to 999 so you don’t get the update notifications)
  • I found 2 promising alternatives and I’m going to share them in this post.

My Yoast SEO Alternatives

I’m always looking for well tested plugins (with lots of users) and there is only one that can compete with Yoast’s SEO plugin: All in one SEO Pack.

All In One SEO Pack

The good thing about this plugin is that it covers all the options I used in Yoast’s plugin. So it’s a very reasonable alternative. However the user interface isn’t as clean as Yoast’s 2.3.5 UI is. Also you have to activate a couple of extensions to have all the Yoast options like XML sitemaps and stuff. That’s not a big deal though. If you are searching for a Yoast SEO alternative this plugin should be on top of your list.


  • Covers Yoast SEO functions
  • Used on a million+ WordPress installations


  • UI ugly but it does the job

If you just want a quick Yoast SEO replacement go with All in One SEO Pack.


Another alternative I just found recently is SEO by SQUIRRLY. If you are new to SEO I definitely recommend this plugin. It’s well maintained and constantly updated. The biggest eye catcher is its user interface which is not only beautiful but also really beginner friendly.


  • Beautiful user interface – high usability
  • Beginner friendly
  • Import settings from Yoast SEO or All in one SEO Pack


  • It’s freemium – yes plugin creators want to feed their families too

Yoast SEO Fork Future

As said above I’m still using Yoast 2.3.5 on most of my sites. It’s quite sad how things turned out for this once “above all doubt” plugin. The fork’s github site isn’t online anymore and the project most likely canceled. All that remains is this thread with hopes and dreams.

What SEO plugins are you using?