Zipplist? What’s that? Why is there a whole post about it? Why should I care?

In the past I wrote a lot of posts gathering information and links about free useful online resources for web designers and entrepreneurs.
Guess what?
Now Craig and the team behind Zipplist made a whole website dedicated to gathering the best free online resources for you in one place.
So if you haven’t heard about them yet, make sure to click the link at the end of this introduction to Zipplist and find awesome free stuff on all things web design.

What’s Inside Zipplist

Zipplist consists of several links to free resources which are outstandingly helpful when creating websites.
Here is Zipplist in a nutshell.


Zipplist features a list of sites with free stock photography for you to download, adapt and use for all your web projects.


Zipplist also includes a page dedicated to sites featuring free mockups you can use to design your websites.


There are a couple of free icon packs available to freely use in your web projects. Guess what – the list is on Zipplist.


There are more free font resources than Google fonts available. However make sure to read the license before using a font. Some are not free for commercial use.


Additionally Zipplist features a list of free stock vector sites.


Also on Zipplist: the most important color selection tools.


Need some textures for your backgrounds? Zipplist also covers this topic.


There are even free video resources available. You just need to know where to find them … Zipplist.


Sound effects and music tracks are especially important during video creation. Give these resources a shot!


Zipplist also gathered a couple of other helpful tools, like font combiners and more.

Check Out Zipplist Here

Eager to finally get your hands on all the free stuff?
Check out their website featuring tons of the best resource links.

By the way … did I say all this FOR FREE? 😉