In my previous two posts I explained why your website speed is important and how to setup a WordPress plugin to speed up your website. To get real results and take action accordingly you have to use measurement tools.

Website Speed Test

A website speed test measures your website’s loading time. Here is a selection of tools you can and should use.


My personal favorite. You can select the test server’s location, so you get relevant results based on your target audience.

Website Speed Test Tools Pingdom

Additionally you will also get insight in what is slowing down your website speed.

Website Speed Test Analysis

You see every file that is loaded and how long it took to server it. The different colors represent different stages. Pink is for DNS response, purple is SSL handshake, teal is the connection establishment, orange is for data sent, yellow is for idle or wait and green is for receive.

Of course there are far more tools to measure your website speed.

They are all pretty similar and it will come down to your personal preference.

Website Speed Analysis Test

One great thing you should use too from time to time is Google’s Page Speed Test. Basically you aim for a minimum score of 70 or better.


Simply because it’s from Google and if Google likes your site, it will rank well.

That’s it for today. It’s getting late already.. so, see you tomorrow!