There is one thing you will always think of sooner or later when starting a new website.


  • But which one should you take?
  • Which one are matching?

In this post I’ll show you the exact way I used to find and match the colors for this website.

How To Choose Website Colors And Match Them

  • Do you already have your favorite colors in mind?
  • Or don’t have you have any idea at all?
  • And how do they match?

No matter where you are, you should get clear on your vision. And then there are further questions.

  • What do you want to represent?
  • Which emotions should be triggered?

But let’s start at the beginning. If you have some colors already in mind you can skip this step. If you have no idea at all your first step is to get inspired. And this is simple and hard at the same time. What do I mean?

You can just start looking at different popular websites. Google beautiful website color schemes or similar. And these are also two steps I recommend. But then you need to find something you like. Or find something you semi-like and have a great flash of inspiration to turn it into something you love.

If you need further help I’ll share one of my top sites featuring cool color schemes:…

Now you have a rough idea of colors you like to use. Let’s get Phil-sical.

Website Color Scheme Tools

There are a couple of tools I use to choose and match my website colors. I’ll provide you with my top 3 plus one extra.

  • Great tool to manually choose your colors and look for ones that match. Includes a randomize function.
  • If you have no idea and just want to get started. Provides some matching colors. You can test how they look like.
  • Useful if you already chose a color and need it lighter or darker (for button hovers for example).

Alright, you have a really strong selection of great tools to select beautiful matches.  Last but not least keep in mind that every color and every combination conveys emotions.

Color Emotions

There are some infographics about this topic. To keep it on point I’ll make a short list. This is also a bit subjective. Here are emotions and things I connect with specific colors.

  • Yellow: Innovation, Energy
  • Orange: Fruity, Confidence
  • Red: Bold – no doubt, Aggressive
  • Pink: Beauty
  • Violet: Inspiration, Harmony
  • Blue: Gallant – the suit under the colors, Aware, Secure
  • Green: Health, Organic

What do you connect with specific colors? Write it in the comments or send me a message.