W3 Total Cache users may have noticed that the plugin hasn’t been updated for a long time.

Suddenly threads are popping up at WordPress.org asking if the plugin is still supported. As of now the plugin hasn’t been updated for more than 6 months.

Time to look for alternatives you might think?
I’m not quite sure. I was still using W3 Total Cache on some of my sites until recently. I only had problems on one site on which the page cache wasn’t clearing anymore. On all my other sites it still worked fine until I switched recently. I suggest going with maintained plugins as you never know about security holes in old abandoned ones.

To help you skip the task of researching every alternative I’ll share my favorite (and a couple more) in this post.

W3 Total Cache Alternatives

Let’s start with another widely used caching alternative.

WP Super Cache

Of course I have to mention this one as it’s used on over 1 million WordPress sites. However the facts that its ratings are not superior and the mediocre user interface made me look for another alternative (I even used it on a clients side and had to turn it off during development – overall it was not that convenient).

WP Fastest Cache

Fortunately I found this plugin. Coming from W3 Total Cache I was amazed how easily it was set up and how flawlessly it worked right off the bat. Even though it’s clearly freemium I don’t feel I’m missing out on much with the free version. Minification and cache work great – even without the typical try and error from W3 Total Cache.

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is another alternative which has its loyal fans. One big turnoff may be it’s price however: starting at 39$ (1 year support) and no free version available.

W3 Total Caching Support Updates

Even though I love W3 Total Cache because of its feature richness it was time to switch to something new on my sites. I’m now using WP Fastest Cache and I’m satisfied. Even though it has not as much switches and buttons as W3 Total Cache has, it does an outstanding job in speeding up my sites.

Are you using another recommend worthy caching plugin?