Recently I discovered a pretty new WordPress theme: Stag.

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There are a couple of reasons why I write this post.

Let’s dig in!

Stag WordPress Theme

In the past I tried a lot of themes. Can you name a popular theme forest theme right now?
Chances are high that I have already used it extensively.

However all these top themes are really bloated. That’s great on one side, because they offer a lot of different functions and customization possibilities. However the truth is, as you get better in designing websites you don’t need all those fancy stuff. Therefore it just gets unnecessary bloat which slows down your creation speed a lot.

The main reason why I like Stag is that it’s a simple theme that nails it in terms of being well designed and having the right balance of features.

The Design

To evaluate the theme’s design we only look at the available theme demos because honestly, you can make EVERYTHING out of a theme if you just put enough time into it.

Stag offers a very modern, minimal look with beautiful cautiously drawn lines. However it also adds very subtle elements, so it never looks too empty. Just look at the barely visible numbers.

Stag Theme Columns

If you want to build a beautiful modern website that is not overly bold, Stag provides you with an outstanding foundation.

Stag WordPress Theme
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The Functionalities

Stag comes bundled with an extended and customized Visual Composer version and Slider Revolution. That’s it. In most cases you don’t need anything else anyway.

It’s translation ready and also has a sleek theme option menu. Inside the menu you have everything you need to customize your site to your liking. It’s all tied up and well organized.

Stag Theme Option Panel
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Each page can also be customized separately. You can choose a different logo and alter the header settings.

Stag Theme Page Options
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The Quality

During my time using the theme I only encountered one bug which was related to Demo Importing: The “initial logo” set on an imported page’s page menu couldn’t be clicked. I edited the design through my web inspector a bit and could click to change the logo. This may be a bigger obstacle for beginners though.

The Conclusion

Stag is an outstanding WordPress Theme that offers everything you want in a theme. Like its design it’s not bloated and offers an excellent balance between lightweight and functionality. If you want to build a website that say’s “Here I am and I am classy” do yourself a favor and choose Stag.

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