• Have you ever dreamed of having your own website and rating products?
  • Getting all this fancy stuff from your favorite brands for free?
  • So you can finally tell the world why the latest product of your most admired label is completely trash?

Look no further.
Today I’ll show you how you can set up such a site in one day.
And I also show you my own product rating ‘case study’ website, which I build exactly the way described in this guide.

How To Plan Your Product Review Site

I’m not a friend of slow painful creation processes. So I’m going to show you the two fastest ways of setting up your very own product review site. Of course the results are all professional looking. (well depends if you read through my blog posts about website design best practices)

Both options go with WordPress. If you are new to my blog you can check out my handy guide on setup your WordPress website in 5 easy steps.

Two Options To Build Your Product Review Website

The decision whether option you take is purely based on your personal design preference.

Option 1: Buy a review theme

There are a couple of cool review themes out there. For example this one. Or the Newsmag theme.
How did I find them?

  1. Navigate to Themeforest.
  2. Enter “Product review” in the search bar.
  3. Sort the results by “Best Sellers”.

Typically you only want best sellers, as themes with more than 1.000 sales have been tested by many users and are therefore of higher quality.
Check also the “Last Updated” date to see if the theme is still maintained. Typically you want the last update to be within the last four months.

To ensure you buy a suitable theme check the theme description for an implemented rating system.

Option 2: Buy the theme of your choice and extend it with a rating plugin

If you don’t want to use a dedicated review theme you can also buy the theme of your choice and extend it with a rating plugin.

Premium Product Review Plugins

To find a suitable rating plugin go to codecanyon. The site is similar to Themeforest as both belong to the Envato company.

Search for “Review” in the top search bar.

For my own product review website I looked at Taqeem and Reviewer.

Free Product Review Plugins

However I didn’t decide for Taqeem nor for Reviewer. I went on to Google and searched for “WordPress Rating Plugin“. I found the WP Product Review plugin and the description & ratings were convincing enough to give it a try.

Do I like it?
In short:
I’m still using it. The only downside is that you need to enter the score criteria for each product review you write (you can’t save the criteria). The save function is provided within the pro version which costs 59$. So if you want a premium plugin with all the comfort features I strongly recommend using the ones from Codecanyon. They cost 17$ (Taqeem) or 25$ (Reviewer) and offer everything you could want from a rating plugin.
(I’m not saying the Product Review Pro version is bad, it’s just far too expensive)


P.s.: Here is a picture of a product review site case study I made:

Product Review Site