Not many words as infamous in the internet sphere as this one.

I guess a minimum of 99% of the online population had an annoying experience with a popup at least once in their life. However if done right popups work wonders and cheer up your visitors. The little difference is in the how and why. In this post I’m going to show you how you can use great popups to enrich your website.

Popups Are NOT Outdated

They nearly went extinct on popular sites for years. But like with all trends sometime someday, there is a revival happening. Popups are coming back and seem to finally have a positive impact on websites. If you are not sure what I’m talking about, I’ll go into detail now. “Bad, outdated, evil” popups versus “good, exciting, positive” popups.

Evil Popups


Evil popups distract your visitors and interrupt their surfing experience (like opening another tab or window) and can get really annoying. Visitors are confronted with sites they may not like (NSFW), or sites that even harm their computers. Typical reactions range from closing the popup before it even loaded to panicking and paralyzation. As these popups were really popular in the early ages of the internet, the name popup quickly became infamous and aroused bad feelings.

The reason why sites used popups this way is mostly for money (advertising).
Some websites rely on advertising only to generate income. However you need at least 100.000 visitors monthly to really get a significant amount of money from ads. So smaller sites (and sites with many mouths to feed) started to use more aggressive ways to advertise. In banner advertising visitors need to click on a banner to generate money for the advertiser and land on the advertised site*. This step is completely cut if you use popups as advertising method.

*In some cases advertisers also just pay for views instead of clicks. However the ultimate goal is the click.

Good Popups


Good popups are the opposite. They provide value to your visitors. Often good popups provide freebies, a laugh, or the option to sign up for a monthly newsletter. Good popups are also not displayed to everyone. You may only show them to visitors who stay for a certain time on your site. Or read a certain amount of words.
Basically you show them only to visitors who are likely to benefit from your popups instead of annoying the rest too.

Insite Popups Are HUGE

Insite popups are popups that don’t open a new tab or window but instead create an overlay on your website. I use such a popup myself on createtopnotchwebsites.com. Have you seen it already? What do you think about it?

Why You Should Use Popups For Your Website

You can earn other currencies than money with popups. In fact you can get much more value from a single email address that you collected from your popup, than from a clicked ad. An email address, or to be more specific, the owner behind this email address, has the ability to grow your websites popularity. He might be the spark to ignite an exponential visitors growth. He may also be interested in products and services you sell. When you listen to online marketing gurus like Jeff Walker and Bryan Harris you will get even more ideas of how one collected email can benefit your cause. Beside collecting emails you can also use popups to generate social media likes and shares.

Can you think of another currency like emails and social shares? Feel free to write it in the comments!

Values We Want In Our Popups

We now know what we – the website owners – get from popups. But it’s far more important what we give with popups. Popups should enrich our site. Therefore it’s essential that our popups convey value. You can generate value of different types.


Knowhow can be delivered in guides and tutorials. Or we can offer a list with our best tricks to download.


We can also offer excitement through raffles and contests. We can even combine them with surveys, so we get to know our visitors better.


Why not tell a good story with your popup? Stories define us. Stories drive us. Share a gift with an exciting story and watch your visitors enjoy it.


We can even put a smile on our visitors faces before they leave. Visitors will love it.

You will find ideas to above 4 values in the next section: my hall of popup fame.

Hall Of Popup Fame


Farideh.com Popup
From farideh.com by Leah
Elegantthemes Popup
From elegantthemes.com
Rich20something Popup
From Rich20something

WordPress Popup Plugins

If you went with my tutorials on how to setup your blog or website professionally you can easily add popups through plugins to your website.

Here is a list of my favorite WordPress Popup plugins.
(no affiliate links, zero fucks given! feel free to click 😉 )

  • Bloom (PAID) – this is the popup plugin I use. I highly recommend the plugin author for all things WordPress. They offer a great agency license too (pay once for unlimited sites & updates forever).
  • Dreamgrow (FREE) – Another great popup plugin. It’s even free. I used it on one of my sites before I discovered Bloom.
  • Icegram (FREE) – You even can attach action bars on top of your page. Another popup plugin I highly recommend.
  • Ninja Popups (PAID) – I decided for Bloom but this was the best challenger.
  • OptinMonster (PAID) – The most expensive one on this list. You pay yearly. However the plugin itself is also really good.

Alright that’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed this post and learned a thing or two about popups. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments or write me an email.