One secret gem in the WordPress ecosystem is still in its beginning: Lifter LMS.

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Read why I really like this particular Wordpress course plugin and how it can ease your course creation.

A Free WordPress Course Management Plugin

One thing I really dislike about some training and course management plugins: subscription business models. You don’t only need to pay once for the plugin but on a recurring basis to get all future updates.

Of course even outside the course plugin environment you can find plugins and themes that require a subscription.
However I found that in particular course management systems are guilty of implementing this payment model.

This is why I decided to give the completely free Lifter LMS plugin a try.
Well Yoast’s positive review also added to it.

So what’s so good about Lifter LMS that even Yoast recommends it?

A Solid Training Management Software

Lifter LMS got you covered in many of your course management related needs. And it does a great job at it while still being completely free. Other course management software often charges on a regular basis or even charges a commission (percentage of your turnover). With Lifter LMS the most you have to pay are your external payment providers fees (like Paypal) for collecting your earnings.

Let’s dive into the many features!

Everything You Can Ever Want In A Course Management Software

Lifter LMS is packed with functionality while still being well structured and easily usable.

Lifter LMS Settings


One thing that is a must for me is usability. If a software (or website) is not on point in its purpose and workflow I quit (sooner or later). This is why I switched from the email marketing provider GetResponse to ActiveCampaign. Even though GetResponse is outstanding in terms of functionality it is just utterly ugly. I mean really ugly – I couldn’t stand it. It’s hard to put in a lot of time in a particular software that you simply don’t like looking at. ActiveCampaign on the other hand looks simply beautiful. Everything is well sorted, thought out and designed. Even though I’m missing some comfort functions from GetResponse I still love being with ActiveCampaign. That’s the power of usability and beautiful design. It conveys value.

Dripped Content

I have gone through some online courses myself in the last two years. Dripped content is one of the most useful things an online course can have. Simply put you just limited the amount of lessons a student can take in a certain amount of time. So each course module is released with a time delay from the previous one. This also makes sure that your students are all on the same page when you get them in conference calls or similar events.

Lifter LMS even allows you to locate exactly in which module a particular student is right now.


Gamification became very popular in the last 10 years. Research found that people like to receive gratification and are highly motivated by it. Gamification not only adds a playful element to dull processes but can also be used to reward students for their accomplishments.


Achievements are one way of rewarding students for their efforts. Collecting all those badges can even get addicting and is highly motivating if done right.


Certifications allow your achievements to be even more sensational and provide a touch of awe. They may be shown to colleagues which promotes your course for free.


Coupons are a great way to promote your course and give special discount. Lifter LMS has its own coupon system implemented.


Vouchers offer your fans a possibility to share your course as a gift on birthdays and on other occasions.


Of course Lifter LMS is packed with deep analytics so you are up to date on all course related data.


Provide action based automatic emails (like “Welcome Emails”) for your students to give them even more support during your course.

Student Payment Options

If you put in a lot of effort into your courses and get close up with your students you also have a lot of expenses to cover. However sometimes you don’t want to force people to pay for this all at once. Therefore Lifter LMS offers two payment options.

In its core package Lifter LMS provides Paypal integration. However there is also a Stripe extension available (which costs 99$ a year).

One Time Payments

Straight one time payments. If you want to encourage one time payments you can offer them with discounts over subscription payments.

Subscription Payments

Offer your students a way to pay for your course in smaller batches over a couple of weeks or months.

Did I Mention It Also Offers Membership Site Features

If you want to have it both in one plugin, Lifter LMS also delivers: Course Management and Membership Management (if you don’t want to build a course at all). However in my opinion this adds unnecessary bloat. If you seek to just build a membership site you can already choose between a couple of very thought out plugins.


Lifter LMS definitely won my heart. I already used it extensively for my own courses. If have yet to choose a course management software you definitely have to check it out. It’s that good while being all free. If you want to support the developers buy their specifically for Lifter LMS designed themes.

Visit the official Lifter LMS site