One thing nearly every web designer and startup have in common: they need images.

Luckily there are a couple of great websites out there, which offer high quality free stock images. Stock images are images that are produced “on stock”. This means images are not taken for a specific order but instead to be saved and used on demand. Free stock images refer to stock images without any costs and fees attached. However this doesn’t mean they can be taken without paying attribution.

Image Attribution

Image attribution is the process of naming author, license and source of your chosen image. Creative Commons are the most popular licenses online. If you want to use images that are completely free of any money fees and attribution requirements you want the CC0 License. When using images licensed under CC0 you can modify, use, sell – basically do whatever you want with them. Each Creative Commons License starts with a “CC” which stands simply for Creative Commons. The letters afterwards define the license scope. You can find common Creative Commons licenses here.

In short: Mind the license attached to images. Free images may require proper attribution to be used on your website.

Free Stock Images And Photos Resources

A good place to start searching is Google. Use the Google image search, enter your search term and press enter. Afterwards click on “search options” below the search bar. Now you can filter your search results with different license options.

The following resources provide more free stock images.

  • Pixabay – A huge free stock image library with a great search engine to filter through it. Tons of free CC0 images. (One of my secret resource for my own projects)
  • Unsplash – One of the most popular free stock image resource.
  • DeathToTheStockPhoto – You can join their monthly email subscription service to continuously receive free stock images to use on your website.
  • NewOldStock – Another popular stock website.
  • Pexels – Claims to have the best free stock photos in one place.
  • – One huge database of cool images.
  • TheStocks – Another resource of popular stock images.
  • DesignerPics – More free stock photos for you.
  • StartupStockPhotos – Free stock photos for Startups.
  • JayMantri – Beautiful free stock images under the CC0 license.
  • MoveEast – More beautiful free stock images licensed under CC0.
  • Life Of Pi(x) – More free stock photos.
  • TravelCoffeebook – Free travel stock photos.
  • SplashBase – CC0 and other CC licenses for stock photos and images.
  • FoodiesFeed – Free stock images for food bloggers and similar tasty jobs.
  • PublicDomainArchive – Cool project, lots of free stock images and photos.
  • Gratisography – Creative free stock photos. If you want something more outstanding browse here!
  • The Pattern Library – Need some free background patterns for your website? Look no further!

Again my reminder to check the license before using images from above resources.
Free Stock Photos

More Stock Images And Photos

Alright, that’s it for today. I hope you found some images or photos that you can use on your website, to turn it into something even more special. If you have been closely following my blogging schedule you will have noticed that there was no blog post on Sunday or Monday. Fear not, I have not forgotten. I produced a video with my friend Peter Spatzierer (his blog will be soon up and running too). The video is about the new Facebook Pixel and will be released later this week. So if you thought of running ads on Facebook you should definitely check it out. One secret upfront: you can (re-)target your audience really focused and advertise therefore much cheaper with Facebook’s new pixel. The video is 100% professional production quality. You will see 😉

And in case you haven’t been able to get enough stock images (how many do you need omg?) I’ll release another post about premium stock image resources in a couple of days too.