Disclaimer: This post is a little bit different than the others. It won’t be all around me but all around us.

Let’s start with a couple of questions to get you in the right mood. Think about following three for a moment.

  • How do I find inspiration?
  • How do my friends?
  • My colleagues?

I have already written about how to create ideas and be systematically creative. I don’t know about you but most of the times my best ideas don’t emerge of planned creativity sessions.
Do you feel the same?

Before I write more about where and how I get my ideas I want you to stop reading for a moment and think about the moments you get your best ideas.
How does it happen?
When does it happen?

Moments of Enlightenment

This post is a little bit personal. So I suggest we both relax and stretch a bit before we go on..
Ah… That’s better.
Hmm… You don’t seem to be in the writing mood at the moment. So I’ll just start with my own experiences.
For me ideas are something that I can’t control in quality. And also merely in quantity. Still there are times when I get a lot of ideas. I think it’s crucial to know which times that are. Thus you can actively seek these moments.. to get creative from the inside.
For me I discovered that these are times I’m not working. Not doing something critical. Not being focused.


Times when I’m lying in my bed. Having nothing to worry about (or at least feel this way). Times when my thoughts are wildly circulating in my head, without given order, without structure. Under the shower. During my workout pauses. So in fact I can time my creative outbursts pretty well. Therefore I have my pen and paper ready.

What about you? When do you get your ideas? What are you doing before your get them?
I think it would be really cool if we share our experiences, even though it might seem a bit intimidating at the moment. I bet others can benefit from your experiences too. So if you are reading this drop a comment below. Be brave.. just write it down.

Finding Inspiration

Research about creativity is more art than science. Still studies have been conducted, measurements taken, results broadcasted. For example a study found that your prefrontal cortex is most active after sleeping. This suggests that you are more likely to be creative in the first half of the day than the second. Could it be because our brain is stimulated by our dream production?

BBC’s writer Tom Stafford made an interesting statement about this:

… highlight an interesting aspect of the dream world: the creation of connections between things that didn’t seem connected before. When you think about it, this isn’t too unlike a description of what creative people do in their work – connecting ideas and concepts that nobody thought to connect before in a way that appears to make sense.

To find your times of inspiration, start to write down the date and time when you come up with an outstanding idea. Or even when you produce an unusual high amount of seemingly pretty dumb ideas. These are all indicators for a highly creative activity inside your brain.

If you are seeking design inspiration you will often strike it rich by looking at nature. You can also look at other designs from different branches, technologies and cultures. Find your sources of inspiration. Mix up elements of your findings. If you are still unsure make sure to read this fabulous list of 50 ways to find inspiration.

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How do you get creative?