So, you want to start a website. You’ve got a creative fire burning somewhere inside, and you need an outlet for it.

First of all, congratulations. That’s awesome. You’re doing the right thing. A website can be an amazing source to pour your creativity into, and there are all kinds of creative website ideas that you can consider when starting a website.

Now, some might suggest that there are enough websites out there already, and who really needs another one, right? But I would disagree completely with that assessment. There is a lot of content out there, sure, but there’s not a lot of great content out there.

A List Of Cool And Creative Website Ideas

The key is that whatever creative website idea you pick, take care to do it well, and you’ll be on the right track to success, fame and fortune. Well, maybe not fame and fortune, but you’ll have some fun.

Here are some ideas to think about for your new venture:

A Blog About YOU…

Website about you

A blog about you: You’ve got a lot going on in your life, so why not write about it? You’d be surprised how many people enjoy reading about things that they can relate to. Your everyday stories, with a fun twist and some humor injected into them, can be a great source of entertainment for people.

A Website About Your Adventures…

Website about adventures

A blog about your adventures: Are you the kind of person who can’t wait to get out into the wilderness and get your Jeep all muddy? Does your idea of a great weekend involve run-ins with wildlife and adrenaline rushes? Well, an adventure blog might be for you. Get pictures, videos, and let people know all the shenanigans you get up to.

Your Portfolio Online…

Website about portfolios

A portfolio site: Are you already an artistic type? Into drawings, designs, illustrations, or even poetry or creative writing? Then you don’t want a portfolio site – you need one. But have some fun with it and be creative around your creativity! Play with the design of your site, come up with stories around your artwork… whatever you feel like, do it!

Sports And More Sports…

Website about sports

Sports, sports and sports: Do your hobbies mostly involve yelling at the TV during sporting events, correcting your friends about their sports knowledge and dominating – like, really dominating – sports trivia at your local pub? Then start a sports blog and get your ideas out there for the world. Your friends are probably tired of you, but the world isn’t!

Did You Go To The Movies?

Website about movies

A movie blog: Do you get excited when the latest movies are coming out? Are you the type of person who attends premieres in full costume? Then a movie blog could be a great idea for you. Maybe pictures of the movies you attend? Reviews of all the movies you see? Your opinions on what Hollywood can do better? The possibilities are endless.

What’s So Funny?

Website about funny things

A funny videos website: People are always sending out funny videos, right? Why not compile them in one place and make funny comments about them? You can have all kinds of different categories and tackle any subject that you find funny. Maybe you’re onto something here…

Let Your Website Workout!

Website about workouts

A workout website: Is going to the gym the best part of your day, every day? Do you feel like you know more than most of the trainers in the gym, and you definitely know more about everyone else in there? Maybe you can take that knowledge and write about it, give people tips from an “average Joe.”

If You Constantly Switch Partners…

Website about weddings

A wedding website: Do you love going to weddings? Do you like helping all your friends decorate for theirs, and find them the latest and greatest ways to make their wedding creative and fun? Then you should take pictures of all your ideas and have some fun with them on a wedding website. There are so many areas of weddings that people want to read about, the world really is your oyster here.

The Flows Guide You…

Website about music

A guitar lessons website: Everyone wants to learn how to play the guitar, and you’ve been doing it for years, so why not share your knowledge? You’ve probably got some great, creative techniques about how to learn quickly and properly, so run with it and help people learn.

Fancy Stuff In Here…

Website about fashion

A fashion for everyone website: Are you a fashion expert? Are you always silently judging the fashion choices (or lack thereof) whenever you walk down the street or through the mall? Then maybe you can help fashion be less complicated for people. Try creating a fashion blog with creative tips to help people be fashionable without having to break the bank.

Spare Some Change?

Website about charity

A charity website: Do you love to work with and donate to charities? Do you have a great feel for figuring out what charities are doing really interesting work? Why not help others learn how to direct their donations, and help your favorite charities at the same time with a charity website?

Vote For Me!

Website about politics

A politics blog: Are you opinionated when it comes to politics? Of course you are. If you want to share your views and actually learn more about politics at the same time, a politics blog can be a great outlet for you.

What An Ani-mess…

Website about animals

Do you love animals? Well you better start to love them as they are one of the most prominent figures on the internet. Whether you got one true love or just lov’ em’ all.. Make a website about it. Clicks guaranteed.

15 Top Notch Creative Website Ideas…

Website about lists

A blog about lists: Do you like to make lists about everything? Top 10 of this, top 25 of that, top 100 of another thing? Then why not be creative and put your lists down on paper (well, digital paper) and have some fun with them? Your lists can be serious, funny, whatever works for you.

The Void.

Website about nothing

A blog about nothing: Did you love the TV show Seinfeld? You remember, the show about nothing? Well, why not try a blog about nothing? It worked for Jerry, George, Kramer, and Elaine, so why can’t it work for you? Write about whatever you want, whenever you want, and you might be surprised at the following you get.


Well, there you go. 15 great creative website ideas. If you’re not ready to start your own creative website now, you might never be. Don’t wait any longer. Start your website now and use those creative energies for good. Help people, make them laugh, make them think… whatever you do, just have some fun with it!

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